Away With Words

Thesaurus coming and crossed the street!

Angela was about to get her ashes hauled by Liam Moore. She didn't know this, because it hadn't happened yet.

In fact, young Liam wasn't even born yet. None of this matters, because the fact is, if Angela hadn't met Foley in the mail room on that fateful day, she probably would have gotten her ashes hauled by Liam's uncle, Seamus.

This story would have turned out much differently. There would have been a great-uncle, rather than a grandfather and the family bible would have been one branch short of a gnarly oak. This would have deterred everyone from learning about the mysterious floating potatoes.

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"Time is money. Let's examine this contradiction. Obviously, idle people have a lot of time. However, not all idle people have a lot of money. Clearly, this is a dichotomy of the two-class society." Leon smirked into his beer.

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