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Thesaurus coming and crossed the street!

Galactic Command decreed that the mapping of the Trans-Neptunian Objects in the Kuiper Belt could only be completed by sending manned ships to the outer planet and building a space station in its orbit. Though command claimed that information from that outpost would provide valuable research, we all thought we were going to be surveying minable rocks for rich folks.

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A few years ago, I converted some stuff from into a PDF and shared it online. This Halloween, I am making this collection available for your enjoyment.

Read online or, for best results, download, print and read under the covers!!

Tap Dancing With the Devil

I had hoped to update it with more stories...but I think I will keep that for my current Kindle book project.

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When the pillow threatens to suffocate you, do you excavate your head with a heart-rattling gasp? Or is the terror so great that you can do nothing more than stare into the depth of montages dividing sleep and death?

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